Collection of my projects.

BillBoard song charts

You can get any Billboard song charts into a csv file that can be used to connect Music Streaming APIs

Python, Scrapy

Weather summary by sms

Ever wondered if you want to know the weather and you don't have internet access. This project is an attempt to solve that problem. You can get a short weather summary by texting a phone number with free of charge

Python, Flask, Twilio API, Openweathermap API

Unsplash Bulk Downloader

Downloads entire albums (uploads, likes or collections) of a user or an entire collection using collection-id

Python, Requests, OS, Unsplash API

Unsplash Wallpaper

As the name suggests, using this script user will be able to change Desktop Wallpaper (Currently works on Windows and OS X)

Python, Requests, OS, Unsplash API