A little about me.

Hello there! I am Yaswanth Amara and welcome to my small byte of the internet.

I am passionate about building things for the web, learning new technologies and having some fun along the way! Currently I devote most of my time to backend side of things, but I am not afraid to dig into frontend or any other tech to get the job done.

    Fun stuff:
  • Recently, I got an opportunity to build two apps based on Unsplash API
  • Well, this is a placeholder text
    Not so fun stuff:
  • I am familiar with Python, Java, JavaScript
  • I have dabbled in Django, Flask, and jQuery

I don't know everything, but I know enough to be able to figure rest of the stuff out. And I like figuring things out on my own. This website contains my journey on the web in the form of my guest contributions, projects, and blog.

I am always on the lookout for exciting new projects. Feel free to reach out if you have some interesting ideas that you would like me to work on, or if you want to collaborate with me on a project. Or to just say hi!

Check out contact page to know the best way to contact me!